Hampton Beach deals with another round of flooding – NECN

Hampton Beach deals with another round of flooding – NECN U.S. NEWS

A day after coastal flooding washed over Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, construction crews worked to clear up the debris.

Sunday’s coastal flooding marks the third significant coastal flooding event this year.

Along Ocean Boulevard, chunks of asphalt littered the ground where water caved in the walkways.

“This year seems to be worse, because the very high tides that we’ve had have been higher than any of us who have been here for a long time can recall,” said Michael McMahon, the fire chief and emergency management director in Hampton, who has been working in the town for nearly 30 years.

Cleanup is underway on New Hampshire’s Seacoast after high tide caused severe flooding.

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Along with closing off areas along Route 101 and Route 1A, police sent out a warning to the Hampton community in advance, asking people to keep away from Ocean Boulevard between Hampton and Rye as flooding increased.

“We had anticipated a nearly 12-and-a-half-foot high tide, which is remarkably high for us here in Hampton,” McMahon said.

“It was a little over two feet, so it wasn’t as bad, but still it left all this mess in front of the house,” said resident Rebecca Clocher.

A storm brought severe flooding to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, on Wednesday. Scores of homes were covered in water, which people could be seen wading through. 

Flooding started shortly after 11 a.m. on Sunday, and neighbors say most of the water drained by 5 p.m.

Along Ocean Boulevard, a gas line was left exposed, while bright orange cones sectioned off parts of the street where neighbors wouldn’t be able to walk.

Aerial images from the flood show water pooling in between homes, replacing the roadways, but neighbors say Sunday’s flood is nothing compared to the two coastal floods they experienced back in January.

“A lot of people had to move out across the street right there because their houses were damaged by the flood,” said Bob Latour as he pointed at the homes along his block now left abandoned following the devastation.

Emergency crews are still assessing the totally damage from Sunday’s flooding. Meanwhile, Hampton residents are waiting for funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for January’s flooding.


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