Gaza statement from director Steven Spielberg

Gaza statement from director Steven Spielberg Culture and trends

American director Steven Spielberg In his speech at the USC Shoah Foundation in the USA, he said that marginalization, extremism and radicalism are among societies. “a dangerous abyss” He stated that he created it.

Emphasizing that it is vital to stop political violence caused by misinformation, conspiracy theories and ignorance, and that lessons should be learned from the past, Spielberg said, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it, and we may be doomed to repeat history, and we may have to fight for our right to be Jews once again in the face of brutality and oppression.” I’m getting more and more worried.” he said.

Steven Spielberg, who was born to a Jewish family in the US state of Ohio, said: “We can be angry at the heinous actions of October 7, but also condemn the killing of innocent women and children in Gaza.” said.

Pointing out that stopping the rise of antisemitism and all kinds of hatred is of critical importance for the future of democracy in the civilized world, Spielberg expressed the need for peace and mutual respect.

Spielberg was born in 1946 in Ohio, USA, to a Jewish family. Director Spielberg’s surname comes from the city of Spielberg in Austria, where his Hungarian Jewish relatives live.


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