A malignant tumor can develop on the palms, soles and nails

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Specialists explain that this is not a very common form of melanoma, with women suffering more often, especially those with dark skin. The average age of such patients is over 55 years. And its most common form is the one that occurs under the nails, in the nail bed.

It looks like a dark spot. Experts also indicate the main reasons for the occurrence of this malignant tumor: heredity, adverse environmental factors, frequent injuries to the nails and even smoking.

They add that in the risk zone for acral melanoma are people with dysplastic nevi on the skin – irregularly shaped moles with uneven edges and uneven coloring. At an earlier stage, acral melanoma is in the form of a dark spot or plaque, then the tumor increases in thickness, later a wound may form on the damaged area, experts warn.

If the nail is affected, the tumor raises the nail plate and leads to its destruction. Sometimes, in the stage of growth, the tumor can cause pain or unpleasant sensations when touched. And also to change its color practically to black, explain oncologists. This subungual form is 30% more likely to develop on the fingers than on the feet. In principle, the tumor often affects the big toe, it is very rarely found in the puppy.

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See the main differences between a subungual hematoma and a malignant tumor:

• The hematoma can be localized at once on several fingers of different limbs. Generally, a hematoma under the nails occurs at the site of trauma, for example from wearing uncomfortable shoes. During the first two days, the nail may hurt, but then the unpleasant sensations pass, and only a slightly colored area remains on the surface.

• In a hematoma, the skin around the nail lacks pigment, while melanoma almost always stains not only the nail but also the skin.

• With a hematoma, no changes occur at the site of the injury, but with subungual melanoma, literally two months after the appearance of pigmentation, the tumor rises and begins to destroy the nail.

Acral melanoma under the nail can be mistaken in appearance for nail fungus if this condition occurs with pronounced pigmentation and bleeding, oncologists note. In any case, if you notice darkened spots on the skin of the palms, soles, or a change in the color of the nail plate, consult a doctor, because it can be both an oncological disease and acral melanoma, experts advise.


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