A new, unusual sign of COVID-19 has been discovered

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An unusual symptom was found in people affected by coronavirus infection, which is expressed in strange unpleasant sensations on the skin (paresthesia). This was reported by the New York Post.

According to MedikForum.ru, the phenomenon of paresthesia (a type of sensitivity disorder expressed in spontaneous unpleasant sensations of burning skin, tingling, crawling, etc.) is well known to people suffering from diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases. But it also, as it turns out, could be a sign of a coronavirus infection.

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According to Dr. Daniel Griffin, chief of infectious diseases at ProHealth Care Associates, a number of patients with COVID-19 complain of discomfort in the skin, which they describe as a burning, needle-like sensation.

The specialist explained that such symptoms are a consequence of the activity of the immune system.

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“Antibodies that the body uses to defend against infection with COVID-19 can interfere with the functioning of the nervous system, causing unusual, including unpleasant, sensations,” says Dr. Griffin.

He added that similar sensations can appear in different parts of the body and have different intensity. Some patients, to cope with the unpleasant effect, use cooling gel with aloe, sunscreen.

It was found that the most intense sensations were in those people who had no previous experience of serious respiratory infections, for example, severe flu./ zdrave.to

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