What happened to Celine Dion? Two incurable diseases: Celine Dion health condition today

What happened to Celine Dion? Two incurable diseases: Celine Dion health condition today U.S. NEWS

Another bad diagnosis for Celine Dion as one of the world’s leading singers. Her life has had to go through many events among which health is a serious problem. On December 8th 2022 the singer announced on her personal page the postponing of all tours because of the stiff person syndrome. A syndrome with a rate of 1 million people suffering from one person and difficult to cure. The disease causes spasms that disrupt daily life making it difficult for Dion to walk. Now the 54 year old woman has announced a new more terrible disease: Celine Dion has terminal breast cancer. 

The Canadian born singer who has been dubbed one of the greatest singers in music revealed to her millions of Instagram followers that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in winter 2023.

According to Dion’s doctor her cancer may have spread throughout her body and the singer has come to share on her Instagram account about experience and fear she is going through related to this disease. It was published on February 11th and she
pointed out that she discovered a lump on one side of her breast which seemed strange to her:

Two weeks ago I found out I had a lump in my chest and I had the scariest wake of my life

Celine added the doctors did the survey and ordered an ultrasound which led to the biopsy procedure. Ms Dion commented that it was a distressing situation because she thought that death was very close to her also. Because of the danger of a tumor in the chest an operation was carried out soon after. After three days in the hospital Celine Dion was able to walk and leave on her own. But the surgery also left a 20 cm long scar on her chest.

The famous singer is living now with two incurable diseases. Celine Dion may soon say goodbye to music… She needs to focus more on the treatment and stay positive because a long chemotherapy was scheduled and started in March 2023.

In addition Dion also wants to remind everyone the importance of regular checkups to detect any kind of disease in time:

My left breast vibroadenoma is a common disease but I was very scared to find it out.

In a recent interview the singer’s sister Claudette confirmed Celine is “surrounded by specialists”.

Doctor Zier who has the stiff person syndrome herself added that people often need walkers and wheelchairs with this disease – due to spasms. In rare cases complications may even lead to a lathel result.

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