Decorate your home in these colors and your life will change for the better

Декорирайте дома си в тези цветове и животът ви ще се промени към по-добро Оther news

Each color has a certain energy. If you want to attract happiness and abundance into your life, it is very important to bet on the right colors in the interior of your home.

According to Feng Shui, to attract love, you should hang a portrait of a couple in love in your bedroom.

Each flower radiates its energy in our home, be careful with red colors

To ensure a calm and pleasant atmosphere, you should place a bell at the entrance to your home.

To attract money, it is good to hang a horseshoe around your neck.

But no less important are the colors in the home decor. To attract happiness and money, you should bet on these 3 colors.

The colors that make us happy


It is the color of gold and luck. Feng Shui experts claim that yellow attracts “easy” money into a person’s life.

This effect is especially quickly noticed in women – immediately after the purchase of a new yellow bag or dress, luck begins to send signals in the form of bonuses, a winning lottery ticket or a salary increase.

Colors for a good mood according to Feng Shui


It is the color of money and the stormy energy of creation, which means that green cushions on the sofa, green curtains or walls painted in this color are the strongest magnet for money.

If you want to become richer, make repairs and paint all the walls in a nice emerald shade.

Which colors bring you luck according to your zodiac sign

Even changing the mouse pad on your computer or other small decorative items will help: the greener around you, the better your financial affairs will go.


In the East, red has long been considered the most “strong” color for attracting money. In addition, the Chinese believe that the red wallet is the most effective method of improving the financial situation.

How to choose the colors in the home, according to the zodiac sign

You can incorporate red into your home decor in the form of textiles, flowers and kitchenware.


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