How to deal with negative people: 4 secrets that will help

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Surrounded by everyone there are individuals who radiate one negative. They may complain, they may use other people’s help, they may play victims.

  • practice failure
  • Don’t be sorry
  • To ask questions
  • Show no emotion

With such friends, it is recommended to cut off all ties so as not to poison your existence. Such advice is good, practical, but it is not always possible to put it into practice.

Communication can be forced, so you have to endure it. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. With negative people, you can properly build relationships, which will help a few secrets.

practice failure

Communication can be stressful for the reason that negative acquaintances simply fill up with requests. They demand to help them, call for conscience.

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In this case, it is important not to be led by your emotions, not to take on unnecessary obligations. It is necessary to recognize manipulations, to stop them with refusals. Gradually, attempts to violate the boundaries will cease.

Don’t be sorry

Many toxic people are whiners. They will constantly talk about their problems, they will complain about fate, they will try to arouse pity.

In this case, no one should be sorry. You can tactfully point out the cause of suffering, which is the narrator himself. In this, it will be possible to stop the flow of negativity, because the interlocutor will see that he cannot achieve his goal in any way.

To ask questions

They should be suggestive, they should lead the interlocutor along the logical chain to the fact that he is behaving incorrectly. This technique can not be used with all manipulators.

It should be remembered that many of them simply do not know how to communicate differently, that they are not trained in such a skill. Such behavior can lead them to the realization of mistakes.

Show no emotion

It is them that the one who radiates the negative wants to see. Such an interlocutor feeds on other people’s emotions, wants to see them. You shouldn’t give him that pleasure.

In this case, the manipulations will stop quickly, because they simply will not make any sense.

Such techniques will come in handy when dealing with those who radiate negativity. The minimum amount of harm from such will be obtained if they are used.

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