Hyderabad Techie Dies By Suicide Over ‘Work Pressure’

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A software engineer died by suicide in Hyderabad due to work pressure and fear of losing job.

Vinod Kumar, 32, was working for a software company in Hyderabad. 

Hailing from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, the techie was finding it difficult to cope with the pressure due to some new work tools introduced by the company. He was also worried over lack of job security and shared with his brother the fear of losing the job.

Vinod Kumar was till recently working from home in Guntur but after the company directed him to start working from office, he had moved to Hyderabad and was staying with his brother.

The techie took the extreme step on Thursday. His brother and his wife had gone out and he was alone at home. 

He rushed him to a hospital but doctors declared him dead. He is survived by wife and three daughters.

Narsingi police registered a case and took up investigation.

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