If you want to store sauerkraut through the summer, do THIS

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Sauerkraut is one of the most popular foods in our latitudes. We Bulgarians are used to eating it both on a salad, seasoned with oil and red pepper, and as a main ingredient in a number of dishes.

If you have a large amount of sauerkraut that you were not able to consume during the winter months and you wish to store it in the summer, we suggest that you strictly follow the advice that we will give you.

How to store sauerkraut in the summer?


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First of all, it is important to know that cabbage can be stored throughout the summer if you keep the container or can in a dark and cool place with a constant temperature below 10 degrees. Remember that high temperatures are the biggest enemy of sauerkraut and they contribute to its spoilage.

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However, there are other subtleties and tricks that we will not fail to share with you. You can add some horseradish to the dish with the cabbage. The head of the cabbage spoils the fastest, so it should be cut off and sprinkled with salt in its place.

Of course, all these tips cannot always be followed in the heat of the moment. If you are almost certain that you will not be able to ensure a constant temperature below 10 degrees, it is best to remove the cabbages from the can, remove their top leaves and then store the vegetable in plastic bags in the freezer.


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The other option is to chop the cabbage and stuff it into jars. Add its juice and sterilize for 7-10 minutes. So all summer you will have delicious sauerkraut with which you can prepare one of your favorite meals!

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