Top 5 Biotech Colleges In Delhi: Eligibility Criteria, Roles, Process

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Top 5 Biotechnology Colleges in Pune:

Top 5 Biotech Colleges In Delhi: The discipline of science consists of numerous branches and streams. Biotechnology is another field of study that combines biology and technology. Due to its increasing popularity, students in Delhi are now interested in this to develop their futures. In this post, we will discuss biotechnology jobs in Delhi in detail, including the finest universities, salaries, and other topics.

In addition, biotechnology uses the microorganism to design and manufacture innovative instruments. These positions offer a respectable and dependable career path. However, one of the many requirements is a graduate or postgraduate degree in the same field. Many universities in Delhi offer reasonably priced courses to help students obtain biotech jobs in Delhi. Below is a list of the top biotechnology schools in Delhi.

Top 5 Biotech Colleges In Delhi

1) Jamia Millia Islamia

JMI is one of the most recognisable entities in Delhi when it comes to biotechnology. Central University is located within NCR. The accreditation of these universities consists of ACITE and UGC. The university with an A grade from the NAAC offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in biotechnology. The B.Sc. tuition rate for the first year is INR 8000. On the other hand, JMI’s M.Sc. programme costs 7,800 INR per year.

2) Sharda College (SU)

In 2021, Sharda University, which was founded in 2009, was ranked 151 for overall performance by NIRF. SU is a private institution that offers B.Sc. honours in biotechnology. The university’s biotechnology programme lasted three years and was given a B grade by NAAC. The annual enrollment fee for this course is INR 1.02 Lakhs. These students are prepared for the most desirable biotechnology positions in Delhi.

3) Amity Institution

Amity University, ranked 43rd overall in the nation, is a private institution. The qualified faculty at this college facilitate interactive lectures. Since 1986, the university has disseminated quality knowledge. Regarding certifications and honours, the university is accredited by NCTE, COA, AICTE, UGC, and AIU. Undergraduate and graduate programmes in biotechnology are available at this institution. For UG, the first-year tuition can reach up to INR 1.44 Lakhs, whereas the tuition for PG is INR 1.80 Lakhs.

4) G D Goenka (GDG) University

This private institution was founded in 2013. Currently, the campus of GDG university encompasses more than 60 acres of verdant, verdant land. At the same time, the university offers over 100 programmes. One can enrol in these programmes by registering online or offline for a nominal fee of INR 1,000. Biotechnology can be pursued through a Master of Science programme for a fee of INR 2.28 Lakhs. GDG University is also renowned for its placement services and hands-on training, which aid students in obtaining biotech opportunities in Delhi.

5) University School of Biotechnology (USBT Intellectual Property University)

The university was founded in 1999 for the purpose of educating students in biotechnology. In addition, they promote sustainable development and impart these values to students so that they can meet industry standards. The institute provides both B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees in Biotechnology. One must pay INR 79k per year for B.Tech and INR 60k per year for M.Tech to enrol in the courses.

Qualifications for Jobs in Biotechnology in Delhi

Without a doubt, India’s capital city is teeming with businesses that are continuously hiring. As digitalization progresses, there is a pressing need for biotechnologists to create instruments and tools that expedite the process. To get these biotechnology opportunities in Delhi, however, you must do the following:

The applicant must have graduated from a recognised high school with a biology subject grade of at least 45 per cent.

A graduate degree is sufficient for entry-level employment as a biotechnologist. These degrees are not only evidence of your knowledge. Apply for a graduate course accordingly.

Ensure you graduate with a minimum of a 60 per cent average.

Experience is required because there are practical lessons that one must acquire throughout their career.

The most effective method to gain experience during college is to enrol in a part-time internship.

A postgraduate degree can offer you an advantage over other degree holders.

In general, a holder of a postgraduate degree receives a higher salary and title at biotech jobs in Delhi.

Develop your communication, analytic, and observational skills in order to pass company screenings and interviews.
Top Career Positions in Biotechnology

As was previously mentioned, the rapid rate of development necessitates the use of instruments that optimise the process. Through the integration of biology and technology, biotechnologists devise, develop, and modify the majority of them. In addition to development, the repercussions of this must be monitored, which is again the responsibility of biotechnologists and falls under biotechnology employment in Delhi.

  • Engineer in Biomedical Sciences
  • Medical Content Author
  • Biophysicist and Biochemist
  • Director of Product Marketing
  • Microbiologist
  • Medical Scientist
  • Biomanufacturing Professionals
  • Scientist with Expertise in Process Development

How Do I Apply for Jobs in Biotechnology in Delhi?

Freshmen have two options for employment: standard job openings and on-campus placement. Before you apply for these biotech jobs in Delhi, there are a few considerations you should bear in mind.

After locating a suitable opening, the very first thing you should do is gather the necessary documentation.

Marksheets, government-issued identification, or any other certificate would qualify.

Understand the company and the work environment. Try to comprehend the company’s philosophy and its motto. Acquainting oneself with the biotechnology job responsibilities in Delhi.

On the day of the interview, attire appropriately and demonstrate confidence and self-respect.

Respond to the query with assurance and composure. Remember that despair and stress are the two enemies you must avoid.

In conclusion, be confident in your abilities and strive to enhance them with each passing day. In addition to theoretical knowledge, one should be physically and mentally active and healthy. While developing your communication abilities is always beneficial. Therefore, devote some time to personal development in order to excel in your professional career and biotechnology jobs in Delhi.


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