Russell Bentley was killed in Donetsk: who killed the American war reporter known as “Texas”?

Russell Bentley was killed in Donetsk: who killed the American war reporter known as "Texas"? War in Ukraine news

American journalist Russell Bentley (pseudonym “Texas”) was killed in the Donetsk region. This was reported by Alexander Kofman, a representative of the DPR Public Chamber. He also noted that such an incident would seriously damage the reputation of the DPR.

“Lyudmila reported that her husband Russell Bentley “Texas” was killed. I really hope that no one and nothing will help the degenerates who committed this…”

Earlier, Lyudmila Bentley said that her husband was kidnapped and killed by servicemen from the 5th Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces:

“My husband was taken and continues to be illegally detained by military personnel, tank crews from the 5th brigade. Russell was harshly detained on April 8, 2024, between approximately 16:20 and 17:00 in the Avtobaza area in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.”

Alexander Korobko, editor of the Russian Hour publication, where Bentley worked, also said that the American, who fought on the side of the Russian Federation, could have been kidnapped by the military.

“It is known from witnesses that [Russell Bentley] ‘was taken by people in camouflage and military uniform.’ They probably decided that he was a ‘spy’ and brought him to military interrogators.”

ASTRA sources previously reported that the last time the man was seen was on April 8 after 16:00 in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, when he was filming the consequences of the arrival at a military unit on Avtobazovskaya Street. After the man disappeared, his white Niva remained at the scene. In the car, according to Bentley’s wife, were his baseball cap, glasses and a broken phone.

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