Applying for an identity card is simplified: these rules will apply in the future

Applying for an identity card is simplified: these rules will apply in the future World news

Applying for an ID card will soon be easier.Bild: imago images / Zoonar


Dariusch Rimkus

Many people are horrified when they look at their ID card and see that it is about to expire. Because then you have to apply for a new identification document – and an annoying act threatens. Not only do you usually have to pay 37 euros, the organizational effort is often much worse.

Especially in big cities, the first high hurdle is getting an appointment that doesn’t take place for another six months. You will then also need a new passport photo, which must be brought to the office in printed form – along with other documents if necessary. Digitalization sends its regards. In many places, you then have to make another appointment for collection, only then will you finally have your new ID card.

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Now the federal government has passed a new law that significantly simplifies at least some of these many steps.

Identity card: This is now changing for consumers

On Wednesday, the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced the good news: the personal application process should be simplified for citizens. Among other things, applicants no longer have to take a printed copy of their current passport photo with them to the appointment. Instead, this will soon be optional. Anyone who wants can also send his or her new picture digitally to the office.

Another simplification: Passports and ID cards can soon be sent by post to the registration address after completion. At least you can save yourself an unnecessary trip to the office.

Another problem has now been solved: If you’re not exactly an organizational genius, you don’t always have the validity period of your identification documents on your list. If you’re on vacation and are checked with an expired ID, you can get into big trouble. This will soon be over.

Consumers can then provide the authorities with their email address, so that you receive a reminder in good time before your person’s validity expires.

ID card changes only from April 2025

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser announced that the changes to the ID card rules would make “life easier and more digital” for citizens. She also pointed out that “the rude awakening just before the vacation” because the passport has expired will soon come to an end.

There is only one problem left: the changes will not come into force immediately or in a few months – but in a year. Anyone whose ID or passport expires before then still has to adhere to the old regulations. The innovations will only be valid from April 2025.

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