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Police on the streets of Beijing. (Image source: Getty Images)

[Watch China, March 27, 2024](Watch a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Muzi) The “tidal wave of injustice” in mainland China has aroused social concern.Recently, it was reported on the Internet that a woman was going to Bao Gong Temple in Zhaoqing, Guangdong.cry injusticelocal police stationpoliceCall to stop,MissHe sternly rebuked “You are wearing a policeman’s skin today”, “Sooner or later you will be liquidated”, “Everyone is not safe in a society without the rule of law”.

Overseas social media In a society governed by the rule of law, no one is safe.” In the video, a policeman surnamed Chen from a certain local police station called a woman to prevent her from going to Bao Gong Temple to cry, but the woman was angrily scolded.

In the video, Police Officer Chen asked if he planned to go to Zhaoqing. The woman asked, “Where do we go to play? Does it have anything to do with you? Are we breaking the law?” Police Officer Chen argued that it was not a “warning”. The woman said bluntly, “I just want to go. I went to the Bao Gong Temple (Zhaoqing, Guangdong) to cry! Isn’t that okay? I tell you clearly that what you did was illegal. Including the fact that you arrested me from Changsha this time, you are violating the law.”

“Since I haven’t broken the law, why do you restrict my freedom? Which law says I can’t go to Beijing, which law says I can’t go to Bao Gong Temple? Which law says I can’t go to play? Yes, I want to go, okay? ? You escort me!” the lady said loudly, “I’m telling you, I will go to Bao Gong Temple in Zhaoqing the day after tomorrow. I will go to Bao Gong Temple in Zhaoqing to cry, and I will make a video and send it to the whole Internet!”

The police said this “cannot solve the problem.” The woman replied, “Then give me a way! Can you tell me how to solve the problem?” The woman raised her voice and said that the “upside-down payment” of 60,000 to 70,000 yuan with principal and interest that she was owed for nearly five years has not been resolved yet. How can she solve it? The solution is “rather than just suppressing us”, “Our rights protection is to help you protect your rights, and sooner or later you will have your money deducted. Likewise, if you protect us today, someone will protect you tomorrow! Just listen to me!”

“This is what I am saying. Tell your leaders and superiors about my recording. No one is safe. In this society, there is no fair and just society, and there is no society with prosperous rule of law,” the woman said loudly, “including You, you are wearing a police coat today! Let me tell you, you are a policeman, you are not safe, and sooner or later your interests will be deprived of you, please remember what I say!”

Police officer Chen said that the problem of “upside-down money” is a group problem and a policy problem, which can be reflected through legal channels. The woman angrily said, “Everyone defends their rights reasonably and legally, but you “enforce the law illegally to maintain stability.” Why did you “capture me from Baiyun Airport and lock me up for 24 hours,” and forcefully drag me off the train at Changsha Railway Station? “You keep saying, We abide by the law and the regulations, and you are the ones who don’t abide by the laws and regulations the most.” The so-called legal channels that have been pursued for nearly five years have not been resolved.

Police officer Chen emphasized not to take videos and post them online when going to Bao Gong Temple. “The Internet is not a place outside the law.” The woman responded, “I tell you, you police officers are not outside the law either! It’s not about intimidation, it’s not about intimidation. !” The lady raised her voice, “I’m telling you, sooner or later I’ll have to settle things for you, so just listen to me!”

There are too many enemies in China, and the “tidal wave of injustice” continues to spread.

Bao Zheng, a famous official in the Song Dynasty, won the hearts of the people by handling cases impartially and was known as “Bao Qingtian”. Recently, a woman knelt down in front of the statue of Bao Gong in Kaifeng, Henan and cried loudly, triggering more and more people who had nowhere to redress their grievances to go to the Bao Gong Shrine and cry. Later, the official deleted the relevant article, and online rumors also closed the Bao Gong Shrine. However, some Chinese enemies moved to Wong Tai Sin Temple in Guangzhou and other places to cry.

In a video on March 18, many women were seen kneeling and crying in Wong Tai Sin Temple. Some subtitles show that because there is no Bao Gong Temple in Guangzhou, some people go to Wong Tai Sin Temple to cry bitterly. These people are corporate retirees in 2019 and beyond. “They have been deducted from their pension benefits for nearly five years and have complained everywhere to no avail.” Now every Life is difficult with a pension of only more than 1,000 yuan a month. “If the world can complain about injustice, why do we need to cry to seek immortality? I have worked hard to defend my rights for nearly five years, and I knelt down in heaven when I had no other choice!”

Mr. Li, a netizen in Kaifeng, Henan, recently told Radio Free Asia that he had also seen the relevant video, “There are too many public complaints now. This incident first started with a woman crying there, and then many people cried. Now the rule of law has become a thing Decoration. Some people living around me have been petitioning for more than 20 years, nearly 30 years. There are more (petitions) in 56 years, 78 years, or 78 years.”

Mr. Li also said that many people went to Beijing to petition to defend their rights. It was originally a single case, but because the person involved was illegally detained, beaten and injured, the number of petitions continued to increase. “Because your petition to defend your rights was just one thing at first, but because of the I encountered a lot of things during the process, and I later made more and more demands.”

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