What happened to Andrei Zhvakin? Debt of 15 million rubles, RDK and SVU

What happened to Andrei Zhvakin?  Debt of 15 million rubles, RDK and SVU World news

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What happened to Andrei Zhvakin?

During the arrest, an anti-war activist named Andrei Zhvakin was found blown up in Samara, as Baza reports.

According to information received from sources in law enforcement agencies, 30-year-old Zhvakin, on instructions from the SBU, was assembling explosives and planning to carry out an explosion at a humanitarian aid reception point for participants in the SVO movement.

RT, citing data from the intelligence service, reports that this “member of the banned organization RDK,” born in 1994, made plans to detonate a bomb in the premises of a humanitarian aid reception point.

According to the FSB, the man died during arrest due to the self-detonation of an explosive device.

According to information provided by Baza with reference to the FSB, Zhvakin tried to escape during the arrest. Having run into the forest, he hid behind a tree, holding an explosive device in his hands. Law enforcement officers demanded that he throw away the explosives, but for unknown reasons they exploded right in his hands.

Debt of 15 million rubles, RDK and SVU

To pay off his debts, former entrepreneur Andrei Zhvakin was promised help after preventing a planned terrorist attack at a humanitarian aid point in Samara. The amount of his debts was about 15 million rubles.

According to data from Mash, in 2015 Zhvakin opened an individual enterprise for processing secondary raw materials, but was not successful. He then founded an organic store. By 2022, both companies, Ecosystem LLC and the individual entrepreneur, had to be liquidated.

After that, he tried to get into cryptocurrency and arbitrage, and also planned to open a dance school. He borrowed about 15 million rubles from “serious people,” but this time he was unable to realize his plans, and the debts only increased. Recently he was contacted by the banned RDK and offered to organize a terrorist attack at a humanitarian aid point for a reward and membership in their ranks. Zhvakin agreed to this proposal, but he was detained by FSB officers, and while trying to arrest him, he blew himself up.

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