In Britain they are working on new technology for drones used in Ukraine,

In Britain they are working on new technology for drones used in Ukraine, War in Ukraine news

It is noted that reconnaissance drones from Evolve Dynamic help the Ukrainian military monitor enemy movements.

Engineers from the British company Evolve Dynamics are developing technology that could protect Ukrainian reconnaissance drones from the “efforts” of Russian electronic warfare systems, so that they remain in the skies longer.

Reuters writes about this. It is noted that this is a small but important part of the international efforts of Ukraine’s allies to support its drone program. Kiev hopes that it will give Ukrainian forces an advantage over a much larger enemy with many more resources at its disposal.

“Companies from dozens of countries have supplied Ukraine with drones and their components. Some, such as Evolve Dynamics, are also focused on technological advances designed to counter Russia’s electronic warfare (EW) capabilities,” the material says.

By developing alternative radio communication algorithms, the company aims to make it more difficult for Russia to jam the signal from its surveillance drones. Evolve Dynamics chief executive Mike Dewhurst estimates there have been 85 upgrades to the company’s Sky Mantis drones over the past two and a half years.

It is noted that Evolve Dynamic reconnaissance drones help the Ukrainian military monitor enemy movements. Military units receive parts and software updates directly from the company, allowing them to make changes themselves where possible.

The role of drones in war

The war in Ukraine has become a real drone war. To confront the enemy, a “Drone Army” was created in our country, and drones are assembled by both private and state-owned enterprises. They help in reconnaissance and striking the occupiers. In addition, thanks to drones, it has been possible to save military and civilians more than once.

It is worth noting that the Russians also do not stand still on this issue. To understand the scale, only according to official data from the General Staff, more than 8,500 Russian UAVs were destroyed during a full-scale war.

The enemy is actively using drones both at the front and for attacks in Ukraine. Partner countries also help the occupiers in this, because Iranian drones are flying through Ukrainian cities.

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