Nobel laureates published a screaming text against Putin

Nobel laureates published a screaming text against Putin War in Ukraine news

The appeal was signed by 39 people, world-famous luminaries of science.

Thirty-nine Nobel laureates are asking world leaders to support Ukraine in its liberation struggle against the Kremlin and, in particular, Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.

The text of the appeal was published by the T-Invariant publication. In it, scientists emphasized that it was the dictator who started the war.

“Two years ago, Vladimir Putin unleashed an unprovoked, full-scale aggression against Ukraine, leading to death and destruction unseen since World War II. This war is accompanied by an increasingly brutal suppression of political life and freedom of speech in Russia itself,” the appeal says.

It is noted that the world was recently shocked by the death of Putin’s political opponent, Alexei Navalny. It is emphasized that they previously tried to poison Navalny using chemical weapons, but he survived and returned to Russia, where he was detained, tortured in dungeons, and then killed.

The signatories believe that the war in Ukraine and the death of Navalny concern not only the Russian Federation and Ukraine – the current Kremlin regime has shown that Putin poses a direct threat to all humanity.

“Since coming to power in 2000, Putin has systematically destroyed post-Soviet democratic institutions and fueled conflicts in the countries of the former USSR. Full-scale aggression against Ukraine and the murder of Alexei Navalny is taking the threat to a new level, since Putin’s regime no longer sees any restrictions on his violation human rights and international norms,” the appeal says.

The Nobel laureates remind: the horrors of the world wars of the 20th century showed that humanity is able to avoid self-destruction only if it adheres to the principles of democracy and international legal legislation. However, the Kremlin “cynically trampled” these principles, and the Russian dictator mocks the freedom and dignity of the individual.

As the authors of the document note, Putin has turned Russia into an “extremely militarized police” state with the largest nuclear arsenal, which threatens the existence of the entire world.

“We, the world’s scientists, call on political leaders to speak out forcefully for peace, progress and human rights. As members of the international scientific community, we are deeply concerned that scientific progress is threatened by dictators who suppress intellectual freedom, especially when global cooperation is so important against the backdrop of pandemics, climate change and the existential threat of weapons of mass destruction,” the laureates said.

They called on world leaders to abandon any illusions about Putin and his regime, in particular, attempts to “appease” him, as such practices lead to further crimes against humanity. Nobel laureates emphasize that no temporary benefits can justify crimes like Munich 1938.

They call for a significant increase in assistance to Ukraine, which will win, and not just “not lose.”

“Timely assistance to Ukrainians will reduce the loss of human life and help drive the aggressor from their land. Putin’s failures during military aggression will be perceived as a moral victory by millions of Russians, strengthen their hopes for a democratic future and mobilize the anti-war movement,” the appeal says.

The appeal was signed by 39 Nobel laureates; they call on the world community to unite to protect political prisoners, support anti-Putin organizations, including independent Russian media, etc.

Nobel laureates who spoke out against Putin / photo

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Let us remind you that Western media believe that a full-scale war in Ukraine against Russia continues, and if Western countries do not quickly provide Kyiv with much more weapons, then the Ukrainian state will face a “critical phase” until September.

It is noted that in 2024 Ukraine has no prospects for returning the territories seized by the Russian Federation. Moreover, it is assumed that new enemy offensives are to be expected, and “there will be new territorial losses.”

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