Shelling of the Russian Federation – the Office of the President believes that Russia is afraid of NATO statements

Shelling of the Russian Federation - the Office of the President believes that Russia is afraid of NATO statements War in Ukraine news

Russia is increasing its aggression because it does not see the reaction of NATO countries to the violation of their airspace.

Even NATO’s statement that the alliance is considering the possibility of destroying Russian missiles scares the Russian Federation. This was stated by Mikhail Podolyak, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, during the telethon.

If other countries do not react in their national spaces to the actions of Russian troops, the Russian Federation will only increase pressure. Russia is isolating itself as much as possible and is following the path of escalation. Europe, in his opinion, is reacting more aggressively. He believes that Moscow will be greatly disturbed by just one statement that the North Atlantic bloc is considering the destruction of Russian missiles.


“We will protect”: the Pentagon responded to the flight of a Russian missile in Poland

“Even a statement that NATO is considering the option of destroying missiles will greatly worry the Russian Federation,” Podolyak said.

In this context, Podolyak spoke about the flight of a Russian missile in Polish airspace during another massive shelling of Ukraine on March 24. According to him, the conclusions from this 39-second rocket flyby are very simple. Anti-missile systems, tactical aviation, and the destruction of Russian missiles are three components that will help against the aggressor.

Russian rocket flight in Poland: what is known

Mieczyslaw Benek, Advisor to the Polish Minister of Defense, said that a Russian missile flew into Polish territory for 39 seconds during an air raid on the night of March 24. After that, she changed course and headed towards Lvov.

Lieutenant Colonel Jacek Goryszewski, a spokesman for the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces, said that the decision not to shoot down the missile was carefully discussed and made on the basis of information from radar systems. According to him, the command understood that the missile would leave the country’s airspace, and an attempt to shoot down the missile would pose a risk to the local population.

Let us remind you that on March 27, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that Ukraine is subject to powerful Russian air attacks, and the Western media are not shocked enough by this topic. The diplomat said that the American aid package for Ukraine is very urgent and extremely necessary.


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